Recording of Haber Concert-Style Reading Released

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the Haber reading last month, we’ve released a full recording so you can enjoy it at your own leisure! 

Access the entire recording at this link:

Or jump to a few selected time points if you don’t feel like listening to all 30 songs (asterisks indicate the must-listens if you want a bare minimum sense of the show):

First Half:

*The Spirit of Progress –

*Full Steam Ahead –

*Under the Linden Trees –

Long Live the Kaiser –

*I Have Dreams –

*The Daily Telegraph Affair –

*Bread from Air –

When the Empire Calls –

Second Half:

A Quick, Little War –

*The Intellectuals’ Manifesto –

Duty –

*A War for the Scientists –

*A War is a War –

*Clara’s Lament –

*Something in the Air –

Back from the Field –

‘Til the Bitter End –

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